3 08 2010

So I’m trying to be all disciplined and whatnot and write a little everyday and I had this idea for a fantasy/steam punk style story. This is it for now but I’m hoping to add a little more to it everyday and maybe post a finalized draft once a week for review. I may post more often than that but we’ll see. Any-who let me know what you think, any commentary/directions are appreciated.


“I want my life back,” I pleaded, “Can you give it to me?”

“No, your old life has been lost forever. Everyone you loved and everything you held dear means nothing in this world. We have begun anew, and you my child will change it all again.”

The voice spoke to me in a dream, showing me visions of places long gone. Fields and mountains flashed in my vision, cities and villages that had all been destroyed in the war. The war had come swiftly and lasted for more than six generations. Originating as a border conflict between Sparagand and Ebilion the atrocities committed by both sides was enough for King Candir to intercede. When the King stepped in the skirmishes became battles between full battalions, both Prince Fureo of Sparagand and Prince Baomor of Ebilion put aside their quarrel and joined forces in an effort to overthrow the King. Eventually escalating to include all of Alta the war became bloodier and bloodier as time went on. Thirty years into the war King Candir was defeated by the combined forces of the outer realms of Sparagand, Ebilion, Burguan, Genador, and Floranna. When the capital state of Altairia was finally over run in 734 I.G. Prince Fureo claimed the throne for his own, and each of the other realms claimed that their ruler was the rightful owner of the throne of Alta, thus began the great war.




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