Yay I have a computer again

23 07 2010

So I finally scraped enough money together to buy a new hard drive for my computer. I lost all the info on the old one but meh… just a bunch of music i already own and some movies i wish i did. all the important stuff like my pix were on my external. Any who SCREW WINDOWS the whole reason i had to replace my hard drive in the first place was because i ran windows updater and it installed a virus on my computer. How’s that for service, so now I run Linux Ubuntu which is not only free but there’s about a million antivirus/malware programs and they are free too. I’m totally loving Ubuntu it’s easy to use, compact and best of all free. This all sounds like a plug for the damn OS so here if anyone is interested it can be downloaded here http://www.ubuntu.com/. Hopefully now that i have a computer again i’ll be able to get back to my writing and hopefully start posting regularly. Thats all for now ~Scott




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